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Cutting systems

Cutting systems

The Metalcértima cutting tables are designed to ensure a precise cut, in order to answer all the ceramics industry needs taking into account the different shapes, sizes and hardness of the product. These equipments allow simultaneous cutting of several parts, according to each customer's production requirements. Depending on the product to be cut, some tables are equipped with cutting mechanism to perform the half-cut product.A mobile support device can be added to adjust the machine height as well. The machine is also equipped with the most up-to-date electronic devices such as programmable automates and speed variation.

These equipments are also prepared to receive a system of regulation of its height, according to the different product to cut. Cutting tables are controlled by PLCs and are equipped with variable speed drives.

We have available several types of cutting tables:

• Multiwire vertical cutting table

• Multiwire cutting table with side pusher

• Multiwire cutting table with side pusher and chamfering

To easily recycle wastes of the forming products we have available a Clay Shredder, which can be coupled to any of our cutting systems.