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Bucket excavator

Bucket excavator

Taking into account the different rates of production of each ceramic, depending on the material to produce, working hours, etc., it is essential to ensure that the supply of raw materials to the production process is done steadily, especially during the hours where the number of workers is reduced. The Bucket Excavator ensures that production rate is maintained, also allowing through the use of a sectioned aging storage, work with various types of  raw material,  dosing it correctly and according to the production cycle.

The introduction of a Bucket Excavator in the manufacturing process, depending on the associated aging storage, may allow the clay to stand for more time, aging more and with less contamination and formation of lumps, thus ensuring a better homogeneity and Clay quality, which will result in better quality of the finished product, also reducing the production costs with fuel and maintenance  when compared to a wheel loader, either with the manpower required because it does not require a dedicated operator.

We have available two types of Bucket Excavator:

Bucket Excavator Linear type

Bucket Excavator Bridge type