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Box Feeders

Box Feeders

Metalcértima box feeders feature either a rubber belt or a metal slat conveyor assembled together with the metal box as a whole machine. These box feeders are equipped with a paddle shaft that helps to extract and correctly dose the stored material inside them, thus preventing the formation of raw material lumps.

The whole range of box feeders is equipped with a guillotine to aid controlling the flow of the exiting material. The dose of the raw material is also controlled by frequency inverter installed in the  rubber belt or metal slat gear.


This Box feeder is composed by a metal box and a metal slat conveyor , is objective is the stockage and the constant  dosing of  raw material, it is equipped with a automatic lubrication of the chain of the metallic conveyor, for a largest maintenance timing , and durability.


This Box feeder is composed by metal box and a rubber belt conveyor, is objective is the dosing of prepared raw material with smooth working, it is equipped with  automatic corrector of lateral sliding of the belt, inway to assure a correct continuous working.