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Dryer Loading and Unloading

Dryer Loading and Unloading

The loading and unloading of a dryer is a very delicate phase of the manufacturing process due to the low mechanical strength of the products. The incorrect handling of pieces can cause permanent deformation. Metalcértima is constantly looking for flexible and effective solutions to prevent that the pieces are subject to sudden movements during handling, regardless of their shape or size.

Our range of equipment in this sector is composed by several solutions that include the load on dryer cars with fixed or removable shelves (semi-continuous dryers), the load on kiln car´s directly entering the dryer and after in the Kiln   (Drying tunnels with green load ) and also for load of shelves fixed to a chain (Rapid dryers).

Load and unload of Dryer car´s with fixed shelves

Load and unload of Dryer car´s with removable shelves, and system of management of shelves.

Load and Unload of the shelves of rapid dryer