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Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

This equipment transports the materials through the endless belt,( Rubber or PVC) which moves over rollers  along the length of the metal structure. In the tops  are positioned a run free drum on one side and on another side a tractioned drum.

Constructive options:

-  Belt types: plain, ribbed, Side band, textured,   in several types of material ( Rubber , Pvc etc)

-  Shape type: plain, U type, V type

-  Structure type: Round tube Trellis, bended steel sheet, profiled steel

-  Drums: cage, round pipe and round pipe with rubber coating

-  Transmission: Direct, Chain or Belt

-  Motor: With or without frequency inverter

Complementary equipments for conveyors:

-  Head Box collectors;

-  Longitudinal shields with door;

-  Material reception hopper;

-  Knife car Diverters with motorization;

-  Mobile conveyors with motorization;

-  Mobile conveyors with inclining system;

-  Weight systems;

-  Spreader systems;

-  Ferrous contamination Detection and caption;

-  Belt rotation control;

-  Automatic Belt centring devices.