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The drying system used in a ceramic project is thoroughly studied and is chosen based on the characteristics of the clay, the shape, the structure of the dry pieces and also the project production capacity.

All dryers are equipped with specifics ventilation systems and automated control systems designed to achieve an optimal balance between temperature, humidity and exposure time of each piece, thereby ensuring an excellent quality of the dried product.

Depending on the type of dryer proposed, it will be defined solutions relatively to static ventilation or mobile ventilation.


Manufactured product drying is a key step in the manufacturing process and has a direct influence on the final product. The Semi-continuous dryer gives  to the  products , a slow drying resulting in final product of higher quality. Wagons may be equipped with removable shelves, providing tremendous flexibility and thereby achieving maximum profitability in drying process, especially when we dry different types of products in different production cycles.

Depending on the needs of the client, may not require continuous production, the production can be made in only one part of the week, thus maximizing human resources.


The rapid dryer is composed by a metallic structure and masonry, with two galleries superposed. The Shelves   that are inside are attached to two chains, tractioned by a transmission. The basic principle of working is counter current the pieces have a movement contrary to the movement of hot air.

This drier is ideal for continuous production and when there are no major changes in the products to dry,   presenting a high profitability for these conditions.


They are dryer’s tunnel type with the  green load being loaded in the tunnel kiln cars. Main advantage is the reduced maintenance of the factory, because it needs much less equipment to work