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SARL BOUKHANOUFA - New turn-key plant

SARL BOUKHANOUFA - New turn-key plant

After successfully accomplishing the assembly of SARL BOUKHANOUFA PRODUITS ROUGES second line based in Sidi Mansar - W. Batna, Metalcértima started-up its 20th kiln in Algeria, achieving the contracted production of 200.000 tons per year in less than 15 days.

This new line of SARL BPR was supplied as a turn-key project, from clay preparation to the dispatch of finished products. It has the particularity to work independently from the first line, having the advantage, when needed, to feed the extruder of unit 1, and vice versa, by means of belt-conveyors that connect the two plants. The first unit was provided in 2009 by Metalcértima, from the cutting system to the automatic packaging without wooden pallet, but for the second unit and thanks to the previous performance, SARL BPR decided to entrust the execution of the entire project to Metalcértima.

Moreover, it was also the first plant in Algeria where Metalcértima installed its new control and management system CERGEST, ensuring among other possibilities, a real-time control of energy consumption (gas and electricity) and water, allowing the customer to be aware of his production costs. This system was installed in both lines.

The customer’s satisfaction will always be the primary goal of Metalcértima which once again is pleased to know that this aim has been achieved.